Meet Annika!


Who is a Girls Inc. Girl?


We sat down with Annika, now 15, to ask her about her Girls Inc. Experience.

What did you learn at Girls Inc.?

Be nice to everyone, everyone is different in their own unique way and that’s what makes us special – and to be truly you and not change for anyone.

What would you tell girls about Girls Inc.? What would you tell people who want to support Girls Inc.?

What I would tell girls is to not be afraid – you will meet friends and you will grow up with them because they will keep coming back and so will you. Without Girls Inc.
I wouldn’t be the person I am, I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have had or the opportunities they keep giving me, and I wouldn’t know what I know. Sometimes their work goes uncredited but it is worth your while to support.

“Girls Inc. is special – a special experience, a special group of people – it really is life changing.” ~ Annika

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